Trade or Fade Report

March 20, 2009

Based on statistical and historical research, the Trade or Fade Advisory utilizes a number of proprietary trading methods to take advantage of specific market patterns and setups for short-term futures trading. Trade or Fade consists of two complementary trade systems. The first (Trade) quantifies short term volatility contractions, and seeks to exploit potential breakout trades from these consolidations. The second system (Fade) seeks to take advantage of range contraction in recently volatile markets.

Trade or Fade consists of two reports: First, the bias report tells you whether to have a “Trade” or a “Fade” bias for a given market for the day. Second, the Trade or Fade reports tell you the criteria that led to the trade or fade designation. It then gives you three support and three resistance levels.  These support and resistance levels are derived from proprietary calculations, based on recent market activity.

The combination of pattern recognition and specific price levels are used to generate Trade or Fade trade signals.

I have written an eBook showing you how to use the “Trade” method.  This is one of my favorite setups to recognize and trade futures and commodities using my Breakout Futures Trading Method.

For more information on the book go HERE.